Art is the ultimate expression of imagination; a world view reduced to the flick of a paintbrush, an idea moulded into clay. But more than anything, it’s an attempt to make sense of this loco thing we call life. That’s why at The Gallery, we’ve gathered a collection of works from both local and international artists all in one dedicated room, in which we invite you to admire, reflect and innovate. Gaze at the walls, take a favourite piece home with you, what’s important is that we join together in celebrating this peerless, boundless craft.


What better than to know everything is there and ready! Cana Pepeta events is characterized by the feel of home, a set up for big groups to be comfortable in a uplifting atmosphere. For any occasion, we work side by side to ensure vibrant food, pleasant service and a familiar feel for your guests to have a night to remember.

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